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I’m an iOS app developer that works as a consultant for Knowit Mobile Stockholm and does own apps on my spare time.


I have studied at a dedicated app developer class for two years and went to work as an app developer straight after that.

Giovanni Palusa

My name is Giovanni Palusa and i’m the owner of the company Palusa and the app Map My Day.

3 fast facts about me

From Småland but lives in Stockholm

I grew up in Växjö in the middle of Småland in Sweden, but moved to Stockholm in 2008.

Started developing early

My first code was written in 1996, when i was 10 years old. Then i wrote a Russian Roulette game in QBasic. One year after i built my first webpage, which i only published on a floppy disc and gave to some friends.

Loves volunteering

I have been volunteering for the swedish court for multiple years, the swedish police force and also helping during general elections. I truly believe in giving back to the society.

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